Coping With ExpenseClown

If you’ve ever used ExpenseCloud, you’ll know it can be a pain to get all your expenses in by hand. If you’re lucky enough to use Bank Simple for your banking (and you should! Ask me for an invite…), then it needn’t be so painful, mostly thanks to how awesome Simple is.

So, the “Simple” way of doing it relies on simply tagging the expenses you want in ExpenseCloud. Then searching for those tags/labels, and exporting them to CSV. Viva la 1980s! {% img /images/ExpenseClownExport.png %}

Then, run it through this utterly hack bit of shell. Gist of sketchy shell a la

bea% sh ~/Desktop/2013-08-01-exported_transactions.csv >ec.csv

and then it’s ready to import this CSV in to EC. For this output pick ‘ExpenseCloud Corporate’ format, the dates as God intended ISO 8601 yyyy-mm-dd (well okay, the closest you can). Select credit and tick the invert the numbers option, a la.

{% img /images/ExpenseClownImport.png %} Boom, you now have your expenses from Simple in to ExpenseCloud!

If this saves you even a second of that web interface, my place in heaven is secured! (: